"I consider myself very lucky to know Joe Rohrbacher of Just Joe's Music.

My first experience with Joe was in a business transaction. Immediately I saw that he treated the transaction as a collaboration, not as a contest, and the goal was for both of us to be satisfied. And this first impression has proven to be accurate, over and over again, in every transaction since. Joe is, in the purest sense, an advocate for his customers. He wants to help them, educate them, and protect their interests even where his knowledge gives him the upper hand.

Secondly, Joe knows his stuff. Even though I have played professionally since the 1970s, there were several areas where I had not found the best gear or discovered the best approach to getting the performance results I want as a musician. Joe never presumed to tell me what I needed, but as soon as I was smart enough to ask for his advice, he unhesitatingly offered it. And consequently, I am now far more satisfied with my instrument (which Joe helped me find), my mouthpieces, reeds and ligatures (also all thanks to Joe's research and constant advocacy on my behalf).

Third, he's a great musician with excellent taste and high standards. He knows what sounds good, what works well and what is reliable, and he wants his customers to be able to get the best quality and value they can. He works hard to be sure that his store offers instruments and accessories he can unhesitatingly recommend, and consequently he sends a lot of stuff back to the manufacturers!

Finally, Joe is a great guy. He identifies with his customers as consumers, as families with budgets, but also as musicians. He wants every young musician to succeed, and to learn to love music as much as he does. He wants to help professionals and journeymen in their never-ending quest for improvement (I'm here to tell you!). He wants to be a positive force and resource for music in his community. And you will never know anybody who tries harder to always do the right thing by his customers, his community and his friends.

David Evans | Saxophonist Portland, Oregon

When we arrived as strangers in town (indeed in a foreign land) Joe was the one who made my daughter feel welcome and confident in her new musical journey. She bought a flute from him and joyfully entered 6th grade music at Cascade Middle School.

Joe then sorted out my clarinet playing older son; not an easy task! He introduced us as a family to Just Joe's Jazz music sessions and has made these times a great experience for us. Lately we had an 'Intro to Sax' lesson in the shop and again Joe went out of his way to make this a wonderful experience for the children!

I recommend everyone I meet to try Joe's; I tell them I would walk on my eyelashes to China for Joe. What more can I say? He is the best resource Bend and Central Oregon has to offer to local musicians. We are lucky to know him!"

Karen Hobbs | Parent

"I got to know Joe through the Jazz at Joe's Series and immediately recognized his dedication through his attention to detail for the visiting musicians and the listeners. There was never a loose end, anywhere, and what started as a store-based project flourished under Joe's care and grew into a life of its own. That depth of commitment is obvious when one is passionate about their mission, to share that passion by opening opportunities for young musicians to discover their own potential is what Joe is about. In hands like his, limitations fall away."

Todd Strait

"I have been using Joe exclusively since he opened his store.  The reasons for this are many.
He is a kind, honest, and helpful business man and person.  He has always made an effort to get me what I need for myself and my instrument (violin) or my students.  This has included purchasing certain brands of instruments and then helping my students to find the appropriate instrument for their individual needs.  I can ALWAYS trust that anyone that I recommend to Joe will be treated honestly and fairly (and usually a few laughs are thrown in for free!). 
He is very knowledgeable about the merchandise in his store.  Joe is a saxophone player and has always had knowledge of the band instruments.  But when he decided to expand his store inventory of stringed instruments I watched him educate himself by reading, asking different professionals, and calling many string makers.  He has amassed a great deal of string knowledge and I look to him for my stringed instrument questions. 
Lastly I want to say that the most important reason that I exclusively use Just Joe's and send all of my students in to see Joe is that he represents everything that I believe in about music.  He believes in not only playing music but making music, in a sense that music making is a passion that has to be felt and explored.  He excites new students who come to see him to rent/purchase their instruments by telling them how much fun it is to make music.  I find these students to be so inspired by the time they come to their first lesson with me and that is the way music learning should be approached and I am glad that I have found someone who shares my same passion to music making and teaching."

Alice Long | Private Violin Teacher
"Joe is a fantastic musician himself, unlike the employees in many other chain stores. He knows what it takes to be a real musician and is in complete service to all those within his reach. His joy in life is obvious. He wants to share the unquantifiable joys of music with anyone who cares to make music a part or full time focus of their own lives."

Dave Goldblatt | Professional Musician 

"Joe is a rare combination of integrity and artistic taste. Every time I work with him it is a pleasure."

Phil Baker | Professional Musician
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